Chef's Signature Dishes.
Saints Bay Hotel
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St Martins

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Chef's Signature Dishes


Seafood Three Way

crab croquette, sea scallops and grilled Scottish salmon served with smoked
cauliflower puree garnished with micro herb and lemon dressing


Pan Fried Loin of Venison
marinated with sweet sherry and plum, garnished with poached
pear in red wine, finished with red currant reduction


Sautéed Foie Gras de Canard
flavoured with armagnac, poached quail eggs rested in pan fried fresh spinach
leaves with calvados and Guernsey butter toasted brioche finished with truffle oil


Grilled Goats Cheese and Sweet Pepper
complimented with Onion Marmalade and Toasted Brioch
finished with Tomato Capuccino



Duck Two Ways

pan fried breast marinated in gran marnier served with leg confit wanton
flavoured with fresh ginger, spring onion, hoisin, served with sweet potato
and orange puree, drizzled with green pepper and sweet sherry lavender



deep blue sea fillet of Halibut Steak sea salted, lemon and lime marinated
with dill oil, pearl potatoes cooked in garlic butter, braised baby fennel poached
langoustine served with fresh Guernsey crab and lobster veloute


Fillet of Beef Rossini

twenty one day hung, three day air dried beautiful tender fillet steak cooked
with shallot onion and thyme, topped with goose liver and caramelised hand
picked Guernsey forest mushroom, sea salt, Guernsey butter, chateau potatoe
flavoured with garlic and paprika, served with pomegranate and Madeira wine jus


Welsh Rack of Lamb

welsh mountain lamb marinated in sea salt, crushed pepper and fresh rosemary
with roasted garlic, carrot and sweet sherry puree, crispy lyonnaise potatoes
accompanied with caramelised shallot onions and thyme Madeira wine reduction


Vegetable Wellington

steamed local vegetables cooked with tomatoes, basil and fresh thyme
individually wrapped in filo and puff pastry cooked to perfection, served
with popiet of spinach and lyonnaise potatoes served with tomato
cappuccino garnished with fried leeks and micro herbs


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